Narbacular Drop

This is the final release for our DigiPen game class. All features are complete. Enjoy the fruits of our labor! We sometimes remove this file to stop bandwidth trouble. There are numerous mirrors that you can find using Google, we recommend Digipen's download.

Custom Maps

If you have completed Narbacular Drop and are looking for more challenges, you will enjoy this growing list of available custom maps.

Instruction Manual (updated)

You may desire an illustrated guide to teach you how to play Narbacular Drop. If our game were commercially release, this booklet would be packaged with it.

Original Soundtrack +

It was requested that people be able to download the music separately from the game. So now you may have it! Several unused tracks have also been included for your listening pleasure.


Level Creation Kit

Have you been wanting to create you own levels for Narbacular Drop? This zip contains everything will need to know to get started. We welcome you to share your level creations in the forums.

FGD Update (by Steve™)

Removed obsolete fields, clarified comments, and added nifty icons for point entities. This is a must have for map makers.

Level Creation Tutorial (by Hank Warkentin)

If you are planning on creating levels for Narbacular Drop we recommend you read Hank's awesome tutorial. Also read the FAQ.

Simple Map Compiler (by Steve™)

Nice little batch file that simplifies building maps for Narbacular Drop. For more info go here.

Map Loader (by Steve™)

Allows you to easily play custom maps for Narbacular Drop by double clicking on them. For more info go here.

Map Pack Distribution Assistant (by Steve™)

Mappers can use this to make installing and playing map packs more convenient for the people who download their maps. For more info go here.


Standard Speed Runs

1:04 by Jesse Katzman-Beimuts: (AVI)
1:07 by Jesse Katzman-Beimuts: (AVI)
1:09 by Cush: (AVI)
1:11 by Jesse Katzman-Beimuts: (AVI)
1:19 by Cush: (AVI)
1:45 by Hank Warkentin: (WMV)
2:38 by Larry Hastings: (WMV) (DIVX)
2:44 by bitterbanana: (WMV)
Jesse Katzman-Beimuts is the current record holder in how fast the game can be beat (1 minute and 4 seconds). WARNING: These video contails spoilers that will show you the solutions to each level. Visit the speed run thread in our forum to learn how to submit your own speed run.

Crate Run

2:36 by Tom Clarke: (AVI)
2:57 by agi_shi: (AVI)
3:28 by agi_shi: (AVI)
4:58+ by Leo "bendzor" Neethling: (WMV)
Tom Clarke holds the speed record for taking the crate from the first room through the entire game.


Done Quick by Physicles: (WMV)
Flying all around with portal ninja style!

The Quick and the Dead Speed Runs

0:21 (evil exploit run) by Haiaiai: (WMV)
0:53 by peabnuts123: (WMV)
0:57 by j4k3h4x: (AVI)
1:22 by Diton: (AVI)
The Quick and the Dead is a very difficult custom map created by Calabast.

Momentum Speed Runs

0:31 by NiXXeD: (AVI)
1:13 by NiXXeD: (AVI)
Momentum is one of the first custom maps ever made and was created by Campaignjunkie.

"Walk Through Walls" by Joshua Billeaudeau

The musician behind the title screen song plays a rough acoustic cut of his song inspired by the game.



What went right? What went wrong? These are the high and low points of the project so that others can will learn from our experience.

Career Day Packets

Having done such an excellent job on Narbacular Drop, you can see that this team would could also do an excellent job for your game company. This packet will give you a overview of the project and its 7 VIPs.

Sell Sheet

If Narbacular Drop were a commercial product we would want to go through a distributer. To convince a distributer that our game is worth stocking, we would give them this.

Pitch Binder

To avoid completely confusing the people we met at GDC we made a visual aid. This allows us to explain the game while pointing at pretty pictures.

Producer Reports

09/20/04 through 12/02/04 (ZIP)
01/18/05 through 04/12/05 (ZIP)
Rather than making headline news out of every bit of progress, we have made our weekly reports public. These outline the work that each NMS Member has done each week and are a general insight into the project as a whole.

Project Planning Timeline

We are focused on developing a final project. To budget our time properly and continue with progress we use this chronological task chart. You will need MS Project to view it.


Our rough breakdown of what features we promise to deliver by specific dates.

Technical Design Document

While making any game is not easy, we have a large pool of experience on the subject. We used this knowledge to create a planning document for overcoming the technical hurdles.

Game Design Document

The quirky mechanics of gameplay are wholly discussed in a formal manner. Read this if you would like to better understand anything about the game.

Project Pitch Presentation

Artists pity the shameful attempts at character design we present here. They want to help the deformed No-Knees by providing us with professional quality art.


Concept Demo v1.1

If the unique style of gameplay has confused you to the point where you do not understand what it means, this download is for you. It is a two dimensional version of what we plan to accomplish in three dimensions.

Concept Art

The NMS artists designed the overall art style for the game. These are some of the sketches used to communicate their ideas to the programmers. This also contains character art that was used to build the 3D models.

Early Character Concept Art

This contains a programmer's attempt at making art for all the characters in the game. They are now replaced by concept art from the in house Nuclear Monkey Software artists.

Early Concepts

The very first concepts for the game are similar to its current form, but have some interesting differences. Download this if you want to better understand our creative process and how Narbacular Drop was polished.